Our Mascot - The Phantom Spook

Phantom SpookSquadron 18's mascot is a cartoon ghost known as the "Phantom Spook."  His history is an integral part of Vietnam-era Air Force history as the mascot of the powerful F-4 Phantom fighter aircraft.  The original Phantom Spook design was was created by McDonnell Douglas technical artist, Anthony "Tony" Wong, for shoulder patches. The name "Spook" was coined by the crews of either the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing or the 4453rd Combat Crew Training Wing at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. The Phantom Spook has appeared on every imaginable item associated with the F-4 and has often been localized to reflect the customs and character of individual military units around the globe.

The Phantom Spook was chosen as our mascot shortly after Squadron 18 was formed in September 2002.  As the outfit was formed we were required to select a unique color scheme for physical training gear.  The color scheme selected was charcoal grey with black accents, which stood out from the rest of the Corps.  Research of historical Air Force artwork for a logo consistently turned up results containing old fighter and intelligence squadron artwork with our illustrious ghost.  His own color scheme closely matched that of our outfit PT gear, so we adopted him as our mascot in homage to Air Force history.  


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