Commander's Letter to Parents

Welcome to our website, and welcome to Squadron 18.  My name is Martha Andrea Villarreal and I am serving as the Unit Commander for the 2017-2018 school year.  I previously served as the Unit First Sergeant, Career Readiness Sergeant, and Scholastics Sergeant.  I anticipate helping your cadet excel and become a strong leader of character who embodies our Corps Values of Honor, Integrity, Discipline, Courage, and Selfless Service.


There are two “yeses” that have defined who I am--the “yes” to follow God, and the “yes” to join the Corps of Cadets.  By the end of their first semester, our goal is for your cadet to be academically efficient, professionally and militarily ready, physically fit, thoroughly versed in Corps knowledge and procedures, and fully capable to lead others both on and off the Quad.  That being said, their time with us is not easy.  Your cadet will be challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and perhaps spiritually.  Time management, discipline, perseverance, stress control, self motivation, and many other virtues are integrated parts of our cadets’ daily lives.  Whether your cadet is a fish or a Zip, a Pisshead or a Sergebutt, know that we are committed to the progress of each individual in the unit.


Parental support is a crucial component of a cadet’s success.  Countless Phantoms have reported to me that a trip home, occasional phone calls, and parental presence at unit events have bolstered their morale and perseverance significantly.  Having a strong support system pushes our cadets to do their best.  Please encourage your Phantom to endure the hardships that will inevitably come his or her way.  On our part, we do everything in our power to ensure our cadets are ready to face the global leadership challenges of the 21st century.



"Silent in the night, deadly in the fight!"


Martha Andrea Villarreal ‘18

Squadron 18 Commanding Officer, 2017-2018

Texas A&M University, Corps of Cadets


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 The Phantom fish class of Spring 2017 and upperclassmen after a motivating workout.



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