Squadron 18 Alumni Association

There is an old saying the the Corps of Cadets - "Your buddies will marry you and bury you."  The bonds we make as cadets at Texas A&M are forever, and the Squadron 18 Alumni Association was formed as a means to support that network of friendship as alumni scatter across the world after Final Review.  It was also created to provide financial support to the current cadets of Squadron 18.

Many of our alumni have shown interest in giving something back to Squadron 18 as a way to repay the incredible value the Corps experience brought to our lives, and we recognize that being a cadet is often an incredible challenge.  We want to be able to provide not only support for the operations of Squadron 18, but also social experiences for cadets that gives them the chance to step away from the training environment and appreciate the camaraderie that comes with being a member of the Corps.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide scholarships to current cadets.

We encourage you to get involved by signing up for Squadron 18 updates through our website and by making a financial donation to support Squadron 18.  Your financial support will go a long way toward making the Corps experience the best it can be for our Fightin' Phantoms of Squadron 18.

Make a donation to support Squadron 18 here!

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