Frequently Asked Questions

Are donations tax-deductible?


The Squadron 18 Alumni Association is currently under review by the IRS for status as a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.  If status is granted before April 15, 2014, any donations made before that time will become tax-deductible.

How much of my donation goes toward administrative expenses?


We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.  That means your donation won't be used to pay for salaries, benefits, office space, or other staff costs.  At this time, our regular operation expenses include website hosting, our post office box, donation transaction fees, and document filing fees for the state and IRS.  All of our expenses other than filing fees are currently paid directly by donors.  As close to 100% as possible of the money you donate will go back to Squadron 18 through direct support.

How is donating to the Squadron 18 Alumni Association different than other organizations?

Other organizations like the Texas A&M Foundation and Aggie Corps of Cadets Association also support the Corps.  How is donating to the Squadron 18 Alumni Association different than donating to them?


We aren't here to compete with other organizations that support the Corps.  What we can do, though, is offer a more direct line for financial support to reach Squadron 18 without a lot of strings or bureaucracy attached.   Currently, financial support that flows through other organizations has to be handled through a payment-approval-reimbursement method that places the financial burden on cadets up front with a risk that an expenditure may not be approved for reimbursement.  Our goal is to pay those expenses for cadets or find ways ways to allow expenditures to go through the Alumni Association without current cadets bearing the burden on the front end.

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